The Carr Family Cowboy Band consists of Ronn & Judy Carr and their three kids Anna, Abby, and Walter.
Anna is 28,is married to George Licking, she has a BA in Economics and a Minor in Studio Art from UNK.
Abby 23 ,Is married to Myles Maginnis, They run a mobile mechanic business.
Walter is 21, he is at home raising cows and working the ranch.





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Blue Bonnet Bells             2002
1.Blue Bonnet Bells
2. Cowboy Proposal
3. Broomstick Waltz
4. Red Horse White Horse
5. Starlight Breakdown
6. Hard Riding Cowboy
7. Buffalo Bill You and Me
8. Cowboys Last Prayer
9. Needles Highway
10. Life Songs
11. Durango Dream
12. Thorn of the Rose


Fiddle Sticks and Guitar Picks      2006
1. Fiddle Sticks & Guitar Picks
2. Sing Cowboy
3. Charity
4. Ride a Donkey
5. Cowboys Last Prayer
6. Broomstick Waltz
7. The Thorn of the Rose
8. Niobrara Queen
10. Starlight Breakdown
11. Whiter Than Snow
12. It Will Be


Last Stage of Heaven          2011
1. The Last Stage to Heaven
2. Lonely Love
3. Marianne
4. Ocean of Blue
5. Uncharted Melodies
6. Shenandoah to Cheyenne
7. Cowboy Proposal
8. Old Church
9. Durango Dream
10. Broomstick Waltz
11. Both Sides of the Mountain
12. Red Horse White horse



Crawford NE Fiddle Contest. Ronn got 2nd in his division. Abby got 3rd in Vocal and 1st on Fiddle in her division.

ChampionFirst Place Showcase - Blue Grass Festival - North Platte NE

ChampionFirst Place Showcase - Blue Grass Festival - North Platte NE